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David & the Giants is a global Christian Music Ministry with a mission of soul winning. Since 1977, David & the Giants has honored God through concerts around the world, ministering the love of God through song. Through these 40 years, David & the Giants and David Huff solo concerts have functioned on a donation basis rather than the ticketed concerts in the music industry. Thanks to all who have been so generous over the years by being a part of this anointed ministry!!

We are praying and reaching out to you for help through our new David & the Giants Mission Fund fundraiser.

God spoke to David and said, “I will do something new” Isaiah 43:19 – Believe with us!! David and the Giants Mission Fund, Inc. was created to serve this purpose.

Fundraiser donations will directly support the post production for the August 18, 2017 DVD/CD Live Recording of the 40th Anniversary Event. We are believing this DVD/CD will help launch David & the Giants into a greater ministry and continued mission of soul winning. Believe with us and support our mission by donating today. The need is huge with the cost already incurred for the recording and post production already underway – also a mission trip to the Philippines in 2018 is being planned.

Any donation would be really appreciated and your charitable receipt will be emailed by year end. Please contribute and share our request with your family, friends and acquaintances on social media pages. If you are unable to contribute at this time, we covet your prayers in our mission!

Hebrews 6:10

Blessings!!! Twyla Huff

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Generosity by INDIEGOGO
We choose Generosity by INDIEGOGO because it allows you to choose the gift amount desired towards Generosity’s operating expenses unlike other platforms that take a percentage of your donation from the proceeds before delivering them to us. Just remember when clicking the ‘Donate Now‘ link below you can change the ‘Donation Amount‘ as desired. Generosity also suggest a gift towards their expenses, you can change that amount by clicking ‘edit‘ underneath the suggested amount and choose another amount, even $0. If you are able, please consider giving them something for their expenses of running our fundraiser! You may choose to have your donation shown as Anonymous, Your Name or any other name you wish…Blessings!!

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Bank Check (Personal or Business)
Make your check payable to David and the Giants Mission Fund, Inc. and mail it to:

David and the Giants
Mission Fund
P.O. Box 248
Good Hope, GA 30641


Other options are being researched…if you know of a non-profit donation method you like, please use the ‘Contact Us‘ form below and let us know!


The 40th anniversary live recording is in manufacturing and the DVD/CD set with 16-tracks will be available January. Order online now and get access to download MP3's for all 16-tracks immediately!…