Recording Studio

David’s calling, “What He Was Born For,” Artist and Musician extends into making your recording dreams come true with nearly 50 years of recording experience as Producer. He and his team’s goal is to give you a very relaxed atmosphere and ability to come in and work at your own pace which is so important when producing high-quality recordings. The longevity of his experience and subsequent success exists because of his commitment to care and quality. From writing, to producing, to mixing, to engineering, to mastering, David gets involved at any and all different stages of the process and have had hands on hundreds of songs and artist.

As with his artistry, David is not motivated by fame or fortune, but truly desires to use his recording and producer experience to serve Christian songwriters, bands, choirs, musicians and singers from all Christian Genres.

Clients are not only like friends, but like family. David takes your music as seriously as you do and would love to help take you and your project to the next level in your musical journey.

The Studio

Located between the urban sprawl of Atlanta and classic Athens in Good Hope, GA – the studio is in a unique position for today’s recording artist to bridge the analog and digital worlds of recording by using the best of both. Combined with his “ear” and the knowledge of when to use analog or digital, David records, edits, mixes  and/or masters the entire project in-house. He also does Live Recordings for Church Choirs and Groups that can be arranged on-location.


Whether you are a first time recording artist or a veteran, we honor the opportunity to help you with every aspect of music production to ensure your project captures the your vision. Rest assured, David and his team is here to serve you, our most special client, in a brotherly and professional way.

David enjoys sitting down and sharing meals with his clients to really get a chance to know their hearts and how to best serve them…

The Packages

With so many options to choose from, David works with each and every individual client to develop an affordable and professional custom package specifically suited for the project. From full turnkey solutions to specific portions of projects are all available – just contact David to discuss your projects specific needs. Here a some of the key services your project may need:

  • Recording, Editing & Mixing Engineers
  • Midi Programming
  • Studio Musicians, want David’s guitar on your project – make it so!
  • Extra Vocals
  • Mastering. Signal Restoration & Enhancement, iTunes Master & CD Master
  • Manufactured CD Packages, David can get you in-touch with Graphics Artists if needed for covers, digipacks, etc.
  • Giant Records, UPC Barcode and each Tracks ISRC codes can be provided for a nominal fee.


The Musicians and Artists

Over the years many clients have recorded demos, singles, instrumentals, full albums here in David’s studio. Here are just a few:


Philip Bailey
James Bolton
Lloyd Bustard

The Christianaires
Jr. Clad
Kelly Clinger
Ron Collins

Doyle Dykes

Duane Eddy
Murrell Ewing


Debbie Grant

Cedric Hailey
Karen Harding
Kellye Huff


Luke James
Eric JohnsonK
Kendra Kelly

Kathy LeeM
Shara McKee
Travis Meadows
Paul Morton

Christal Noel (Huff)

Shelly Overby

Paul Porter
Pilgrim’s Progress


Tami Rose
The Russells

Tommy Sims
Lauren Strawn
Timothy Spells
Spiritual Aires

Rick Tankerley
Bridget Taylor
Chris Tomlin
Jason Tucker

Upper Room Experience

Greg X Volz

Mark Walker
Paula White
Mark & Sherry Willhoite
Brandi Woodard
Woodlawn Adult Choir


Vicki Yoh’e




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